All products are made from local and seasonal produce [where possible]. A lot of fruits are sourced from local orchards and some comes courtesy of my friends if they are fortunate enough to have trees or a glut of vegetables in their backyards. I also have a sizeable vegetable garden and greenhouse and my husband hides out down there! Nothing contains any man-made chemicals or preservatives. My products contain no artificial colourings, preservatives or sinister E-numbers. Often parents will seek me out if their children have food allergies because they know my food isn’t harmful at all.

Everything is hand made by me in my kitchen so I have full knowledge of what goes into my products, so if it is not good, I simply don’t cook it.

Whether it is Jams, Marmalade , Chutney or Curd , my cooking follows the seasons. In November , Mango Chutney makes a reappearance on my stall. The green tomatoes are only available from early December onwards for about two months. In autumn I cook like a crazy woman because there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables around. In citrus season the marmalades come out to play … and so it goes. There is something comforting about following the seasons, something homey and satisfying. Just right.


Strawberry Jam

Kerries Strawberry JamStrawberries and nothing but strawberries. No additives, extenders, grape juice, flavour and colour enhancers … just berries and sugar. A traditional jam and a favourite with everybody

Rasberry Jam

Rasberry JamRaspberries. Nearly more raspberry than raspberries. Try using on jam drops biscuits. Absolutely sensational.

Summerberry Jam

Summerberry JamA favourite with the young members of my family. A blend of four berries … strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries

Moody Blues Jam

Moody Blues JamThe name says it all. A blend of blueberries and black berries and seriously good. This is the jam made for hot buttered scones!

Fig Jam

Fig JamSeasonal, but wonderful with cheeses. Or on a bit of toast.

Chilli Jam

Mudgee Silver Medal
Chilli JamChilli jam is truly wonderful. It can enhance a bland sauce, liven up meatballs or rissoles ,lift a tomato sauce to gourmet heights, give a twist to cheese platters, or just go on a simple cracker and Philly. It has endless possibilities.


Cointreau and Lemonade Marmalade

Mudgee Bronze Medal
COINTREAU AND LEMONADE MARMALADE Made with lemonade fruit and liqueur to give a wonderful taste.

Orange Whisky Marmalade

ORANGE  WHISKY  MARMALADEA wonderfully full flavoured orange marmalade. Probably the marmalade most people associate with days gone by.

Brandied Cumquat Marmalade

Mudgee Gold Medal
Brandied Cumquat MarmaladeThe marmalade even those who don’t love marmalades like. Such a surprise.

Lemon, Lime and Ginger Marmalade

A wonderful flavour , zingy and refreshing. So citrusy! Lemon Lime and Ginger Marmalade


Aubergine and Garlic Chutney

Bronze Medal Sydney 2011
AUBERGINE AND GARLIC CHUTNEYA mild, delicious chutney. It originates in India . The uses for this one are limited only by your imagination. But one unusual use is to fold some through sour cream and make a fabulous dip.

Green Tomato Chutney

Green Tomato ChutneyThe tomatoes are all local. This one goes wonderfully with anything salty. Why not use it with cold corned beef on a sandwich? Or on every ones favourite … a bacon sandwich!

Red Tomato Chutney

RED TOMATO CHUTNEYA truly hearty spicy chutney. Perfect partner with meat. Try it on a hamburger and forget fast foods. You’ll want it time after time.

Mango Chutney

This one is seasonal and also hails from India. A beautiful blend of spices. Use it with a great curry, or use it with a cheese plate.

Ginger Chutney

GINGER CHUTNEYA traditional chutney with the fantastic flavour of ginger. Try it with fish. Try it with cheese.


Sweet Fruit Chutney

SWEET FRUIT CHUTNEYSo versatile. Perhaps the most versatile of all. It has so many uses in cooking, as an accompaniment to curries. A teaspoonful in a gravy will save it from disaster. Spread it on a meatloaf as a glaze or spread it on a sandwich for a wonderful taste sensation.


Lemon Curd

Mudgee Bronze Medal 2011 Sydney Silver Medal 2011

Lemon CurdOne word – ambrosia! Fabulous on toast, as a topping for ice cream, in a pie or a filling for cakes. Very versatile and extremely delicious.

Passion fruit Curd

Kerries Larder Passionfruit Curd For the passion fruit lover, this is a must. Raise every desert to greater heights, This curd is wonderful in tarts, cakes or just spoon it onto ice cream and enjoy.