I am just a home cook blessed with a good palate and a love of really good food.
The food I ate as a child left me with “food memories” and it is a natural progression to try and recapture those memories with every meal. My childhood was the best with a wonderful mother and a funny, handsome father. Dad would regale me with his food memories and it became our game that I would try to reproduce those memories .

For most of my working life I was associated with food in one form or another, and when I finally retired, it was my husbands inspired idea that I go and sell at the local Farmers Market. Since I first began , I have found out such a lot about the local producers and farmers and have a renewed respect for people who give so much. Fresh food tastes so much better than supermarket produce and now I do most of my shopping at the markets.

The food is fresh, I trust it to be good quality, my food dollar stays in Australia so in a small way it is helping our economy and because of it’s superior freshness it keeps longer and so works out cheaper. Win win.

All my products use local, fresh fruits and vegetables [whenever possible] and I only produce small batches at a time because that way I can control the taste and quality of my products. My best friends in the kitchen are my Raco stock pot and a wooden spoon.

With a lot of my products I have succeeded in getting that “old-fashioned” flavour that I remember and I hope that you will too.wooden spoon